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Riwon Ahn

S. Korea Chapter Director (Seoul)

Hi, I’m Alex Han, a senior at Valley Christian High School. This past year, I have witness myriads of people around the globe suffering from COVID-19, including some of my close friends. I joined Hands for SoCal last summer driven by its mission to contribute to our communities during difficult times and help out marginalized individuals suffering from the Pandemic. Now, a year later since I joined Hands for SoCal, I strongly believe our incremental changes - lowering the burdens of medical professionals by donating masks and keeping our community well informed - are capable of changing people’s lives. Although the pandemic is slowing down in SoCal, our communities still need helping hands. Helping hands especially for marginalized people who do not have access to proper and convenient medicare. Hands for SoCal is capable of changing people’s lives, even after pandemic. If you want to join our cause and support your local communities, please reach out to us!!!l

Curriculum Vitae

Benetones Volunteering Service (FYLA) [2018~2021]

- Served as Vice President; volunteered every month at Sunrise Senior Living Community in Fullerton, CA playing music; produced music healing/therapy programs for seniors.

VCFILMS Digital Media Studios [2017~2021]

- Served as Executive Producer/Director; produced VCFILMS original tv shows (The Early Morning Show with Ellis, The Message, BTSVLOG, etc.); produced more than 80 films for communities around Valley Christian High School. 

MEDI ASIA Overseas Medical Mission (Nepal, Cambodia, S. Korea) [2017,2018,2019]

-  Served as High School Student Representative in free medical check ups and education; assisted medical doctors for patient care and treatment; performed free blood and hepatitis testing.

Good Shepherd Student Media Team [2015~2019]

- Served as leading educator; developed a teaching curriculum for digital media education for middle and elementary school students using Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop, and etc.

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