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The Importance of the Small Journey During COVID-19

Praguni Kamar

So caught up in the angst of it all I think I just realised how undervalued our social life is, how granted we took it for. I realised how trivialised the waking up at 6:30am was for me, how catching the 0004 bus was the main goal every morning, how stumbling through the way made entirely no difference to me, how upon reaching school I felt this day too is gonna be tough. Not being able to feel this sensation and facing the same monotonous days over and over again, it makes me miss the chaos. It opens my eyes to how underrated even the smallest of journeys such as going to that shop just to buy chewing gum would excite me. I miss the thrill of it, i miss feeling that zest, that exhilaration every morning, it made me feel like I had something to look forward to everyday.

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