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Covid-19: When the Vaccine is Made

Erica Park

More than 30 million people have died of coronavirus, and we all hope there is a vaccine at the end of this year. Till now, over 169 vaccines are currently in the development, with 26 of those being tested on thousands of people, according to WHO.

Now, you might wonder what vaccines do. To explain this in a simplest way, vaccines teach your body how to kill the virus ahead of time. They introduce inactivated pieces of the virus which your immune system attacks and remembers, so an actual coronavirus can immediately be detected and attacked. After vaccination, you might experience some generic flulike symptoms because your body works in a way your systems do things to kill viruses, but you won’t experience severe symptoms like organ damage.

Image by Angelo Esslinger from Pixabay

Yet, despite the whole progress, there are some problems we should face when the vaccine is made. Here are the three biggest problems we MUST solve to end this world pandemic:

1. Can the world make enough vaccine? - Researchers warn that it might not be possible to produce enough vaccine for everyone, according to the Nature Research Journals.

2. How are we going to distribute? - Wealthier countries might hoard vaccine supplies. As an example, the distribution of swine flu vaccines failed in 2009 because rich nations stocked up on vaccines.

3. What if the virus mutates? - Since some cases proved that it is possible to get infected twice, vaccines might not be effective if a new, stronger version of virus arises. Thankfully, coronavirus mutation process does not effect much on the risk the virus poses to humans, according to the Gavi.


What Happens If COVID-19 Mutates?

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