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COVID-19 Korea Fact Checker - Eunchae Ahn (안은채)

Eunchae Ahn (안은채)

Source: Environment Mental Crimes

According to the FT report from the U.K., the damaged forest area in 2020 after the Corona 19 incident increased by 77% from the average between 2017 and 1919, according to the tally and editing by GLAD and WWF Germany Biju, the world's tree-grinding warning systems. The above data show that deforestation in Africa and Asia showed a sharp increase in the first six months of the year, especially in April and May. In some parts of the world, as the local economy collapses, people are turning to the surrounding land to find what they need to survive, and it is a sad reality to see people everywhere who are making intentional attempts to cut down forests using pandemics as a shield. Also, as the coronavirus has limited mobility and made law enforcement difficult, the destruction of rainforests is accelerating as unemployed workers who are unable to work in villages are illegally logging.

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