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Hello, I am Andrew Shinho Kim. Currently, I am a Freshman at University of Southern California. Here I have formed my passion for playing Tennis, volunteering in medical missions, and directing video productions. Through various involvement, I have cultivated important values of humanity under the teachings of Christianity to become a servant for others. These values of philanthropy has grown on me as a passion and I came to initiate this project HFSC: to problems at hand through effective methods. As a team we are still unprepared and uncertain of how this project might end up. However, we believe in one message that even the smallest light can change the world. I give my formal gratitude to those who have donated for this cause and we hope to bring a positive change to our local and global communities.




Hello, I'm Hailey Kim and as a Senior, I am attending Big Heart Christian School in Seoul, South Korea. Growing up in two countries, South Korea and the United States, I have gotten numerous opportunities to experience various cultures. The most important aspect that I have perceived from this experience is the values of philanthropy and love for humanity. This meaningful realization has greatly impacted me and given me a vision to become a helping hand in our communities. Leading Hands for SoCal as the President would provide me an opportunity to take a step towards reaching my aspiration, as this project attains the idea of giving and sacrificing our own possessions to help and aid certain groups of our societies. Although this project's involvement in the society seems small and little yet, I truly believe our dedication could change and impact our suffering societies in many ways, and even provide them with a glimpse of hope. I can't wait to see how this project would take a great role in our societies as a hope-deliverer.

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