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Justin Lee

Los Angeles Chapter Representive

Hello, my name is Justin Lee and I attend Valley Christian High School as a senior. As a student who has had many opportunities to connect with those who are less fortunate through missions, I have a heart for those in need. To be able to aid others and offer my time, effort, and service is important to me. Hands for SoCal embodies that same mission which was why I was more than willing to be a part of this community. While service is a crucial part in our organization, the attitude I aim to display is that of love and humility as we hold Christian doctrine at most high. Although Hands for SoCal is relatively new, I believe the impact we create will greatly benefit the community around us. It is truly encouraging to see people from different parts of the world gather as one organization with a similar ambition to spread love and positivity to the common people. I have my utmost confidence that everyone involved in Hands for SoCal as well as the group itself can grow and expand, influencing lives for the better. To see all this unfold is truly a blessing by God; if you see this project as something worth noting feel free to reach out!

Curriculum Vitae

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