Jaehyeon (Jay) Park


My name is Jaehyeon Park, and I am a junior at Cornerstone Collegiate Academy in Seoul, South Korea. Since my early years in New England, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with a variety of students who engaged in a number of volunteer activities for their communities. These unique experiences taught me important lessons about the value of becoming a ‘helping hand’ in the community. These insights prompted me to also contribute to the community through hands for Socal, a non-profit organization that helps people all around the world. As the organization's new president and the former East Coast Chapter Representative, I'm here to carry on the Hands for SoCal legacy of becoming a helping hand in our communities and promoting virtuous altruism around the world. 

Curriculum Vitae

Breaking Bad Kitchen [2020~2022]

- Served as a manager; volunteered every month at the local Salisbury townhall, preparing meals and activities to end hunger in our community and globally; helped out at the local CROP Hunger Walk to help marginalized families who are struggling with hunger around the world.

Green Club [2020~2022]

- Served as a leading educator; contributed to the reduction of plastic bottle waste in our community by distributing durable, reusable bottles; held sessions informing students about the costly process of eliminating food waste to raise awareness of the amount of food waste produced by our community.

The Salisbury Forum [2021~2022]

- Served as a member of the team; organized guest speakers for the local community on various topics, including the topics of their majors; offered inquiry sessions for students who were interested in related fields.