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Hakyung (Hailey) Kim

Board Advisor

Hello, I'm Hailey Kim and as a Freshman, I am attending Occidental University in Los Angeles, CA. Growing up in two countries, South Korea and the United States, I have gotten numerous opportunities to experience various cultures. The most important aspect that I have perceived from this experience is the values of philanthropy and love for humanity. This meaningful realization has greatly impacted me and given me a vision to become a helping hand in our communities. Leading Hands for SoCal as the President would provide me an opportunity to take a step towards reaching my aspiration, as this project attains the idea of giving and sacrificing our own possessions to help and aid certain groups of our societies. Although this project's involvement in the society seems small and little yet, I truly believe our dedication could change and impact our suffering societies in many ways, and even provide them with a glimpse of hope. I can't wait to see how this project would take a great role in our societies as a hope-deliverer.

Curriculum Vitae


Favor In Your Eyes [2019-2021]

- Founded a bridge program which helps the mentors (college students) to communicate with their mentees (grade 5-9 students) better by narrowing the age/experience gaps. Keep publishing the mentor journal by collecting mentors’ difficulties and providing solutions and answers for them. Also translated a brochure from Korean to English and mentored students who were suffering with the education vulnerability. Prepared for Art therapy to play with children.


BHCS Children Theater [2021]

- Directed the kids at BHCS pre-kinder in acting, writing the script, and managing the state as well


BHCS Aid for Myanmar Children Project [2021]

- Directed the performance project such as music and art projects to raise awareness for Myanmar issues including the protection of children


Hanbit Foundation [2018-2019]

- Taught art and craft to the children. Led a musical team in Korean to promote Korean eloquence of children.

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