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The world stopped because of COVID-19. Classes are taken at home and even important tests are either canceled or taken via the internet. The world stopped with everything. This chain of dominos eventually led to the halting of culture as a whole. COVID-19 has changed our lives not only in individualized lives but also on a global scale. The world solely focused on the medical field and hospitals to support the medical personnel. Then with that in hand, the #blacklivesmatter movement broke out as people poured in the streets to protest against the prejudice and violence against racism. 
In these landmarking moments in history, Hands For SoCal and its branches believe that this is a time for students to revitalize the culture. We believe that our mission to help people should not simply remain in donations of masks but we believe that we should help people by creating student-produced cultural work to support our communities and our societies. This work can be anything from drawings, paints, essays, poems, journals, and films. We will display all of the students' arts submitted to us on our website and our Instagram. We will have three distinctive virtual showcases on our websites: arts, journals, and films. The topics and how to submit them are listed below.



OPENLOGUE (Open Dialogue) is a virtual student mission sponsored by Hands for SoCal in 2021 where students come together in an interactive virtual student bistro for insights on contemporary issues from a global perspective. Here we cover current issues of both definitive science and social science in student’s perspectives.




- Science behind COVID-19

- How COVID-19 affects our daily lives

- People affected by COVID-19

- How COVID-19 affected our globe as a whole 

- COVID-19 and business (economy)


Black Lives Matter 

- fight against racism 

- respect for the martyred 

1. Send your piece of work along with a title and description to

2. Our editors-in-chief and our lead artists will review your art and provide feedbacks

3. If the work needs major changes, we will help with our CRPP team 

4. If the work is ready to be published, we will publish your work on our website and instagram

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