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Andrew Shinho Kim

Founder | Senior Advisor

Hello, I am Andrew Shinho Kim. Currently, I am a Freshman at University of Southern California. Here I have formed my passion for playing Tennis, volunteering in medical missions, and directing video productions. Through various involvement, I have cultivated important values of humanity under the teachings of Christianity to become a servant for others. These values of philanthropy has grown on me as a passion and I came to initiate this project HFSC: to problems at hand through effective methods. As a team we are still unprepared and uncertain of how this project might end up. However, we believe in one message that even the smallest light can change the world. I give my formal gratitude to those who have donated for this cause and we hope to bring a positive change to our local and global communities.

Curriculum Vitae

Benetones Volunteering Service (FYLA) [2018~2021]

- Served as Vice President; volunteered every month at Sunrise Senior Living Community in Fullerton, CA playing music; produced music healing/therapy programs for seniors.

VCFILMS Digital Media Studios [2017~2021]

- Served as Executive Producer/Director; produced VCFILMS original tv shows (The Early Morning Show with Ellis, The Message, BTSVLOG, etc.); produced more than 80 films for communities around Valley Christian High School. 

MEDI ASIA Overseas Medical Mission (Nepal, Cambodia, S. Korea) [2017,2018,2019]

-  Served as High School Student Representative in free medical check ups and education; assisted medical doctors for patient care and treatment; performed free blood and hepatitis testing.

Good Shepherd Student Media Team [2015~2019]

- Served as leading educator; developed a teaching curriculum for digital media education for middle and elementary school students using Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop, and etc.

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